Ricardo Jorge López Naón, Attorney at Law
Attorney with Law Degree from the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires).
Specialist in Administrative Law in general and in public and private works contracts in particular.

1972 and 1973
Worked as an in-house corporate attorney for the YPF oil company (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales), in the Legal Action Department of the company's Legal Affairs Division.

Later became Chief Legal Consultant for Crivelli y Cuenya Construcciones S.A. and internal Legal Adviser for Alfredo Evangelista y Cia. S.A.

Chief Legal Adviser to "Pittsburg S.A.C.I.F."

Worked as an independent attorney until 1988, when he became Public Works Legal Claims Coordinator for the Public Works consulting firm ECOP - S.R.L.

Handles the full range of corporate tasks, specializing in insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy.

Serves as a general consultant on industrial and commercial relations involving industrial promotion systems, foreign investment and technological transfer.
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