Background and Specialization
The Law Firm CARRI PEREZ, CRIVELLI & FERLA initiated its activities in 1980. It was founded on the initiative of JULIO CARRI PEREZ and JULIO CESAR CRIVELLI, Attorneys at Law.

Upon the death of Julio Carri Pérez, the Law Firm continued its activities under the direction of Attorney Julio César Crivelli. They were later joined by attorneys Luis Carmelo Palumbo, Susana Elena Vega and, finally, Humberto Podetti.
The Firm specializes in Administrative Law, particularly as it applies to the construction, financing and management of Public Infrastructure, be it at a municipal, provincial or national level and encompassing a broad scope of segments in the following fields:
  • Public Works and Services Construction and Concession Contracts, in all of their different phases:
    Roads and Highways, Public Transportation and Freight Transport ( subways, buses, railways); Sanitation/Drainage; Ports; Power: generation, transmission and distribution; renewable energy. Urban and Industrial Waste Treatment. Housing. Consulting. Engineering Contracts.

  • Organization of Specific Financing:
    Through multi-lateral credit institutions ( IDB, BIR, etc.), as well as through domestic and foreign private banking. Organization of and advice on trusts.

  • Management:
    Advice for service concession operators; analysis; Development of business plans; renegotiation, extension and closing of contracts.

  • Environment:
    Advice and application procedures for Carbon Bonds (Kyoto Convention).
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