Julio César Crivelli, Attorney at Law
Attorney. Graduated with honors. Specialist in the field of Public Works and Infrastructure. He has published many papers in specialized periodicals as well as journalistic articles on current economic topics.

He has also published the following books:
  • "Consolidating State Liabilities".

  • "The Permanent Economic Emergency".

  • "Price Adjustment and Construction Contracting".

  • "Infrastructure and Construction: Contemporary Problems".

  • "The 'Buy Argentine' System and Domestic Contracting. Revised Text".

  • "Digest on the Public Works Law", and numerous articles, papers and conferences in the mass media and in specialized periodicals on infrastructure-related topics.
Noteworthy among posts he has held in both public and private institutions are the following:

Adviser to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Director of the National Highway Board and Director of Argentina's Mortgage Bank.

He currently heads the law firm that bears his name, Julio César Crivelli Asesores Jurídicos, is Adviser to the Argentine Construction Chamber, and chairs the Delegation for the City of Buenos Aires within that organization.

He is also a Consultative Adviser to COAS (a civil charity organization) and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Friends of the Fine Arts Museum.
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