Ignacio L. Bollero, Attorney at Law

Advocate. Law degree from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires; specialized in Tax Law.
Graduate degree in Economics and finance for advocates, Universidad Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, based in Buenos Aires.

“Introduction to tax specialization” seminar (VAT, gross income, excise and municipal taxes; taxes on credits and debits on bank accounts and other bank operations, Customs regimes), seminar by Asociación Argentina de Estudios Fiscales directed by Juan Carlos Ismirlian, Rubén H. Malvitano and Guillermo Montaner.

Seminar on Administrative Law “Public control and access to Justice”. Universidad Austral, Facultad de Derecho (May 2015).

Seminar on “New National Civil and Commercial Code” Universidad del CEMA. Directors: Dr. Pablo D. Heredia – Dr. Graciela Medina – Dr. Sebastián Picasso (August-September 2015).

Seminar on “Public-private participation project”, second edition (April 2014). Universidad de San Andrés, Departamento de Derecho y Maestría en Derecho Empresario (head Dr. Eugenio Bruno).

Wrote and published doctrinal articles about Law.

Currently, partner advocate for J. C. Crivelli –Asesores Jurídicos– and former advocate at Marval, O´Farrell & Mairal (2010-2014)

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